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About us

The advantages of HEYI

Heyi Company has began to focus on the researching and developing of BF3 and its complex products since 2005. The company is always holding the ideas of regarding customers as the soul, the concept of seriously controlling the quality and actively supplying the best products and services to customers.


Productivity advantages

At present, our company has an annual output of BF3 gas 6000 tons,   BF3 complexes 20000 tons.We have become the largest supplier of domestic BF3 industry,the capacity fully guarantee the timeliness of delivery.

Technology advantage

In 2010, HEYI smoothly introduced the DCS automation control technology, using domestic technology and advanced production technology, to achieve a high degree of automation of production, improve the accuracy of the production operation, save a lot of manpower and greatly improve production efficiency, reduce production cost. The accuracy of the operation to provide a strong guarantee for the quality of products.

Management advantage

In 2012,Heyi passed the ISO9000 certification, in the production process, our company has established standardized and effective management and quality control system . Efficient management to provide a reliable guarantee for product quality.

Product advantage

In HEYI,there can be found any items of BF3 series of products, especially the high purity BF3 gas,which can be properly used in industrial electronics industry,and some 30 kinds of other BF3 complex products. Addtionally there are new R & D center and middle-scale-test workhouse, which can meet the requirements of different customers with different orders.


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